About us

Why Virtual Reality

The freedom to create entire worlds without boundaries is what convinced us to use virtual reality technology for the development of our entertainment offerings. 

By developing a kind of "holodeck" the boundaries of space and time no longer limit the game experience. No matter where or when, entire new worlds open up to the player. Through the integration of VR goggles and tracking systems we are able to seamlessly merge the real world with virtual reality. Pilot a spaceship, fight a dragon or fend off a zombie invasion... Anything is possible!

Our goals

Our goal is to revolutionize the events and leisure activities market. By continuously creating new and improved virtual worlds and experiences we can guarantee a wow-effect to our clients. Outside of Switzerland our technolgy is marketed through our partner network. 

Who is behind this Project?

We're a team of young visionaries aiming to revolutionize the leisure and entertainment industry. We have an in-depth understanding of the motion picture, video game and entertainment industries. Over the years our team has grown to 15 employees and all our software is 100% Swiss-made.

Contact to the  Management

Research & Development
Fabian (at) truevrsystems.com

Marketing & Operations
Philip (at) truevrsystems.com


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Info (at) vr-center.ch

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