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Showdown is a competitive PvP shooter that is sure to get your heart pumping!

An PVP experience for

2-4 players. 

Night of the Blood Moon

In the footsteps of an ancient Mayan legend, you'll go to the "Tikal" temple to stop the fire demon.

An exploration-game genre experience for 3 - 5 players.

Temple of Diamond Skull

The search for the "Diamond Skull" artifact leads you into an abandoned temple complex. Solve all puzzles and defeat the various traps to find the legendary treasure!

An exploration-game genre experience for 3 - 4 players.

Patient Zero

Stop the zombie apocalypse! In order to stop the virus you will have to enter the secret lab and retrieve the "Patient Zero" files. 


A shooter-game genre experience for 2 - 4 players.

The Cube

Trapped in a test facility you have to rely on your team-spirit to solve all puzzles. Only logic, communication and collaboration will lead to success.


A puzzle-game genre experience for 3 - 4 players.



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